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The integration of Dreamweaver CS5 with BrowserLab will significantly improve your testing and help you meet your deadlines! Click here to register today. May 12, 2564 BE a Dreamweaver CS5 designer can now customize table elements. You can use the Table Styling Options Dialog Box to access the following table elements and properties: Columns: Title: Align, Alpha, Number,Width, Sides, Space, Indent, Text, Background, Color, Visibility Properties: Repeat, Height, Width, VAlign, RowSpan, Background, Border, Position, Alignment, Text, Text Color, Font Size, Clip, TextDecoration, Style, Inherit Content, Border, Padding, Margin, Alignment. While you can configure these features and properties on the fly, there are also a number of preset styles that you can apply to create highly functional table styles. Click here to learn more. May 10, 2564 BE are creating more web pages than ever, especially in e-commerce settings. And, more often than not, page elements such as links, images, and buttons are of the same color. Adding style sheets to web pages can be time-consuming, even for a web designer. If you make a style sheet with only a few color properties, you might as well use a pre-defined color style that is already available. If you find yourself making style sheets time after time, you might want to create your own color style sheet! You can start by downloading one of our Color Style Sheets and use it to customize the colors you need on the fly. Click here to learn more. May 3, 2564 BE developers can use Dreamweaver CS5 to create custom CSS3 properties, a new feature included in the latest version of Adobe Dreamweaver! Using CSS3 you can change common properties like the color of a background, change how an image is displayed in the browser, change the font used, and more. You can access these properties by clicking on a web page element, and then on the Properties panel. You can also access CSS3 properties using the Dreamweaver CSS Styles Panel. All this will help you optimize your web sites and improve your design efficiency. Click here to learn more. May 2, 2564 BE a Dreamweaver CS5 user can create multi-page documents that contain both embedded and external resources. This new feature offers many advantages, including: you can use the resources you create in



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