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Amol Khante

Amol Khante is a specialist in providing training in adventure sports and has an immense experience in student training and development. Amol is fun-loving, calm and caring nature helps students relate to him on a personal level, make learning fun, and easy to understand. He is also involved in giving motivational lectures and a well-known personality in the field of adventure sports.

Ajay Gaikwad

Ajay P. Gaikwad, is our senior instructor, who have an immense expertise in working with students. Ajay's calmness, his ability to remain clear-headed at the most difficult adventures stem from his ability to focus on the execution of a plan rather than the fear of failure. No wonder he had an expedition on Black Peak(Kalanag). Ajay brings patience to our team.

Nitin Deshbratar

Nitin Deshbhratar, our instructor as well as office coordinator, who oozes calmness & composure and takes care of back up of the events. Nitin is the most devoted and brings stability to our team.

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Manish Makh

Manish G. Makh, is our senior instructor, upbeat and friendly, who adapts quickly to new places, new surroundings, new challenges. Keeps calm in the face of difficulties; Plans ahead, but have alternative options in case things go wrong, thinks quickly to respond to sudden changes in circumstances. Manish specializes in first-aid & life saving techniques.

Vijaya Khedkar

Vijaya Khedkar, our lady instructor, who is approachable to everyone, foreknows how to handle students and guide them with the required skills and know-how to take care of kids when they're out and about on their own. Vijaya is a very humble lady and a clever instructor.

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Yash Sharma

Yash, a young triathlete, who is a trainer with a hunger for adventure sports. You can see in the eyes of Yash the passion to explore every part of the world in depth.

Sandesh Dandekar

Sandesh Dandekar, is our young instructor, who's positive attitude to life is impossible to ignore, his smiling is infectious, and his warm, friendly nature instantly put students at ease. Sandesh knows everything, but his specialization lies in Kayaking and parasailing. Sandesh brings youthful enthusiasm to our team.

Rahul Aanand

Rahul Anand, our unique himalayan instructor, with a genuine passion for adventure. Anand is dynamic in nature who strives to go an extra mile to satisfy students necessities, and brings mountainous charisma to our team.

Ranjeet Lahane

Ranjeet Lahane, our adventure instructor is a huge adventure junkie and a military training enthusiast. With his disciplined attitude and high aspirations, he makes sure you have a great time in the outdoors.

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Ekta Khante

Ekta Khante is an eloquent, creative, and highly-motivated person. Passion so strong... you can see it in her eyes. She brings energy, enthusiasm and skills to our team.

Gajanan D. Rindhe

Gajanan D. Rindhe, is a very cheerful senior instructor and a friendly person for our clients to interact with. Gajanand likes to keep it simple, relying on instinct and self-belief. Gajanan is a certified para-jumper and blesses our team with interesting ideas from time to time.

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Pranav Bandbuche

Pranav Bandbuche, is our senior instructor, who just oozes a charisma. The passion in the eye, the sense of joy, the devotion to achieve. You’d think he is quiet, but there's something else going on. Pranav has trekked Mount Everest, Nepal. Pranav brings work ethic to our team.

Sonali Polke

Sonali S. Polke, our lady instructor, who has a motherly nature, is sympathetic, helpful, cooperative, down-to- earth, always smiling, consistent, enthusiastic, and energetic. Sonali has this in-built ability to understand the emotions of others. She is very good with students.

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Viswajeet, our honest instructor, is a hard worker, always calm and most importantly, a person who knows by experience, almost all of what the life of adventure in this earth can offer a human being. Viswajeet specializes in Parasailing and inspires our team to bring the best out of themselves.

Anil Jaiswal

Anil Jaiswal, a randonneur and a co-founder of Cycle Safari, who gave up his lavish professorship job to become a full-time adventurer. Anil emanates passion and infects everyone around him with motivation to follow your own path. An off road enthusiast, an explorer, & a traveler, Anil has been tremendously working hard to create an awareness and make India an adventure sporting nation, and is the soul of our team.

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Sunil Chavan

Sunil, a man from the mountains & our senior instructor, he carries a wonderful knowledge of the trails and mountains in himachal region . He is a nature enthusiast and lover of the mountains.

Alka Rana

Alka  Rana, our lady instructor, she keeps everyone involved in conversation which is also about amusing experiences with the mountains and the rivers. 

Sunny Thakur

Sunny Thakur, our instructor from manali, He loves to guide people into the snow capped mountains by helping them to feel comfortable and able to learn and explore the beauty of nature.

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